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Lauren Reuteler
Lead Photographer + Owner



1: Cuddles
2: Social Butterfly
3: Passionate Teacher
4: Late Night McDonalds Run
5: Pastel Colors
6: Days Spent on the Lake
7: Bites the Kit Kat vs Breaking
8: Lover of Weenie Dogs
9: Coffee w a Splash of Milk
10: Hoodies & Messy Buns

1: Coffee & Tea Enthusiast
2: Early Mornings
3: Yogi
4: World Traveler
5: Lover of Laughing
6: Artistic Eye
7: Days in the Sun
8: Jammin in the Car
9: Dancing Queen
10: Animal Whisperer

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Welcome! We are so happy you have stumbled upon our corner of the internet! We are so excited to work with you and give you the lauren haya photo experience! 

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